Booking Nutrition Sessions

Georgia Hackney

BHSc Nutritionist

SNA Accredited Sports Nutritionist

The best diet is the one you don’t know you’re on!

Seeing people make lifestyle changes really motivates me. I love to encourage and educate my clients on the benefits of eating well, regular exercise and choosing a well balanced lifestyle.

I believe nutrition requires individualisation and I specialise in helping you achieve the most out of your food, nutrition and exercise. I am here to support and educate you to rebuild or maintain a healthy relationship with food which is both empowering and transforming!

If time is your enemy then I can help, either early morning or  evenings I can be there. Let’s set some goals and start achieving them now.


: Nutritionist BHSc Nutrition

: SNA Accredited Sports Nutritionist

: Certificate 3 and 4 Personal Training                                             

: MOSSA – Group Ride and R30  

: MOSSA – Group Power Instructor     

: MOSSA – Core                                                         

: H.I.I.T and P30 instructor                                                                                    

What you can expect from your sessions

Set some goals ….then DEMOLISH them




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