Class Descriptions

Group Fitness Mission Statement

Fun, passion, motivation, self esteem, laughter, drive and professionalism is the recipe to making every class a   

 sensational experience for every person.


 Cardio to the MAX………….

This program is for you……………MANIC……take it to the MAX……this is a high-energy interval training class combines athletic aerobic movements with strength and stabilization exercises. Dynamic and powerful music motivate everyone towards their fitness goals. No matter what your fitness level, you’ll get fit, stay fit and get fitter!

Strength &   POWER:

What you’re are saying about the classes:

– If you love weights then this is the class for you.

-Great Instructors!

-Awesome, love the new moves!

-Classes are really great and it’s a good workout.

-I was getting Sooo Booored with the other weights program this is one is soooo much better – great work.

-Great, I really got a good workout.

-Really enjoyed the compared to the other one we did, cardio residence work.

-Really enjoyable new tracks.

-Great makes you work harder.

-It’s put life back into the weights classes I love the new moves and the instructors are so motivating.


What you’re are saying about the classes:

– OMG what a workout!

-I can’t believe how strong I’ve become doing this class

-Always a challenge

-Athletic, powerful and strong

-Love it love it love it!

-Amazing how you use all you core muscles in one class.


– I love the different exercises in the one class.

-Great instructors, Great Class!

-Great very physical, give us more classes on the timetable!

-Hard – great combination.

-Great fun – a bit off everything. The complete workout.

-Good workout, different, worked hard – trainers are good.

-Different form the other program we were doing

some moves foreign but great workout.

-Great didn’t like tricep track…TOOO hard!

-Great mate!

-Love it, its great!

-Enjoy the variety

-Really good great for every age and covers all aspects.

STEP attack:

-Love it! Is very different to the old but once you get  the new moves its great

-Great, its so much harder which is great.

-Challenging and fun.

– love the change much better workout and easy to follow.


-Great good workout

-Love the music love the ride!

-Love the class great change.

-Love it the music really pushes you through the hills.

-Enjoy. Extra pace is good.


-Hard AS … great!

-Full on, hurts my BUTT.

– Instructors are the BEST!!!!!!

X-Treme Poster(1)

20 seconds of work ………10 seconds rest –

5 Exercises

8 rounds

an amazing powerful 30 minutes!

Burn fat…….get fitter and stronger ……





Cenetrgy: Good workout  – Great trainers.

-Love it

-Fantastic…..BUT B…dy hard!

-Back track very good was able to do the whole track without pain!

-I like it more challenging than other class.

-Really good, love the yoga moves.

-Fabulous workout I find new muscles every time I do it. OUCH!

– I have become so much more flexible keep them coming.

– Not a class for the faint hearted …….. I really work up a sweat!

Improves balance and agility, Core strength (strength of the muscles in your tummy), Postural  alignment, Muscle functionality (ability for you muscles to perform everyday actions), Proprioception (awareness of your body space), what more needs to be said?  

Chi Ball:

A relaxing class using a therapeutic approach to exercise. You can expect an increase in metabolism, strength and flexibility. This beautiful Chi Ball class focuses on your breathing and awareness of body.



SENIORS Supervised Weights:

Seniors supervised strength training sessions. If you feel uneasy doing weights on your own then book into this session and exercise with knowing you are under the watchful eye of a qualified trainer.

heart balance

Our Healthy Heart Program is run in conjunction with the Orange Healthy Lifestyle Program for Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation designed for those who have suffered heart disease and are now medically stable. You will be guided through exercises designed to aid a healthy recovery. This programs is also designed for MS, stroke, dubieties, arthritis, cancer sufferers

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