60 days FREE access to Integra’s MOSSA group fitness programs

Welcome Integra Family to our virtual workout hub!We will be bringing you workouts to do at home, healthy recipes, activities to do with the kids … ways to keep busy at home while doing our part to #flattenthecurve You will also find on this page the link to sign up to 60 days free access to our much loved MOSSA exercise programs! Available to you, our Integra Family!If you have suggestions of what you would like to see on here, or have any questions please get in touch via DM.Lets stay connected and healthy through this time.Claire & Cal x

How to access your 60 DAYS FREE to our MOSSA group fitness classes!!Will you need to enter a credit card?Yes. In order to setup your own individual MOSSA MOVE account, you will need to enter credit card information. Because of the longer lead time of the 60 days free, you will be notified via email around the 55 day mark that you will be charged $7.99 if you decide to keep your MOSSA MOVE subscription. MOSSA understand that requiring a credit card is not ideal during this crisis, but their app was created 2-years ago and after consulting with the company who provides their streaming service, they learned that they are unable to change how the app works. They have apologised in advance if this is not something you feel comfortable doing, however, it isn’t able to be done any other way.The 30-minute workouts on MOSSA MOVE are different than the programs taught in facilities. When they created the MOSSA MOVE workouts, they designed them specifically for the home user experience. The programming, equipment options, coaching, and coaching modifications, are all perfect for the home user.The MOSSA MOVE app has 8 different programs ā€“ cardio, strength, dance, Yoga-inspired, and indoor cycling. Each 30-minute program has 2 to 4 workouts available, with more on the way. They have filmed additional workouts that should be available on the app in the next few weeks. Additionally, they have filmed two new programs (3D30 and MOVE30) that should be available in April 2020. To see the lineup of workouts available, with descriptions and video previews,

visit: https://www.mossamove.net/discovery.

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