CovidSAFE Integra 2021

Vaccination status to attend Integra gym

We’ve had an overwhelming response to our survey on staff and members vaccination status attending the gym.

Over 98% have voted that they want to exercise in an environment with vaccinated participants.

As we are a democracy we will go with the majority. We have made the decision that you will need to have had at least one dose of the Covid vaccine to attend the gym.

(Immunodeficient and people with a medical condition who can not have the vaccine are exempt).

All our staff have been vaccinated.

We will be asking for proof of your vaccination which can be found in your Medicare or MyGov account online.

We are a small business and there are some major health concerns within our family, ones that could potentially be very serious should COVID be contracted. Whilst we appreciate the vaccination isn’t a complete protection against this virus, it is a step that we can take to help protect our family, those around us, and our members entering the gym. 

The survey we conducted saw over 150 staff and members complete, with the overwhelming majority indicating that they also find additional peace of mind with a vaccination policy in place. 

We are a private business on private land. Our choice is to follow the health advice on this matter & apply it in the best way we see fit. 

We acknowledge there is no current mandate for this, however we need to do everything we can to protect our family and members.

We respect all decisions individuals make and hope that there is a level of understanding for our decision as it stands.

Should things change down the track we will, or course, consider the advice and apply accordingly. 
We thank you for your understanding, together we can keep our community safe.

Yours in health & wellbeing,

Integra Management

Government health orders

Gyms and indoor recreational facilities

Gyms and indoor recreation facilities need to comply with the 1 person per 4 square metre rule.

-A 20-person limit applies to classes or activities at a gym.

-Dance classes, or any other activities such as a yoga class, also have a limit of 20 people.

-If you are participating in a dance class, gym class, or similar activity, you must wear a face mask.

-Face masks to be worn inside the gym at all times

On 1st January it became mandatory in NSW for all people entering Integra Gym to scan in on the services New South Wales app. You must do this as you enter and then when you leave you must log out on your app.

👉🏼You must also remember to sign in as a Integra member on your GymMaster app as you enter. Fitness passport members, please use your Fitness Passport card or photo of it on your phone to avoid manual entry. 😊

If you don’t have the services NSW app then go to your App Store provider on your phone to download it. If you don’t have your phone or a phone without app services, you will be able to use the club iPad to login. This is now the law and failure to do so could close our business and we could incur large fines, so please can you do this. 😉

If you need help with this our staff are always there to help. 😎

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