‘World’s Greatest Shave’ MARCH 2013

We raised $16,850 – 3rd in the individual fundraising for NSW, well done everyone.

On behalf of Edward and myself, (and the girls colouring their hair!)I would like to give a

‘HUGE THANK YOU’ to each and every one of you for sponsoring us in the event.
I’ve been blown away by everyone’s generosity and support.

In life we are given unforseen challenges and sometimes it’s very rewarding to go outside our comfort zones and step up to help ourselves and others to help make change.

How we look is so important to most of us. We are lucky enough to have the choice of cut, shave or colour our hair but there are many that are not given that choice, and have to suffer through endless bouts of medications just to stay well enough to live their lives and, to top it off, in some treatments lose their hair.

Let’s hope if we ever get to the stage we have go through such times there are others out there willing to raise funds to help find a cure to blood cancer, as well as all other cancers, as you have.

Thank you to the Leukaemia Foundation and the Cancer Council – who are looking for cures to this terrible disease.
Caroline xxx

Integra Health Club 2013 Fundraising Event

You can still donate by Clicking on this link



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