Our Story

A Brief history of Integra.

The Integra story is our family’s dream to create a Health Club in Orange like nothing else. Creating an environment where you have the feeling of exercising outdoors while indoors.

Most of the people who choose to visit a gym are stuck in non-stimulating work places and even at home so we wanted to  provide them with an opportunity to escape from that life style.  

In 2002 we found and purchased our land. Then it was all systems go as we set to work designing a building that would take advantage of the elements while maximizing the views.

In June 2003 we started work, digging holes, creating the dam and setting the footings for the building.  It was frosty, foggy and cold.

our sons took 12mths off from their studies to become the sites builders, under the supervision of Colin, my husband. They all worked relentlessly for 6 months and by the beginning of December the building was ready for the new equipment.  Claire and Hilary were still at school but all their spare time was taken up with painting, decking etc.  After applying the finishing  touches to  the building we started a membership drive in the beginning of January.

Our official opening date was 31 January 2004.

Over the years, like all business’, we have had our ups and downs but we have survived.  We hope that you love the club and enjoy the experience we have created here.

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