Hi Caroline,

I would just like to thank you and my personal trainer for helping me to completely change my lifestyle.
I had a visit to my Doctor yesterday just for a check up and received some fantastic news.
Here a couple of months ago I was struggling with chronic pain in my lower back that required a quarterzone
injection my liver was abnormal and I had blood pressure that on average was around 155/98 and sometimes higher,
which limited me as to what I could do, and because I wasn’t exercising much my weight started to climb to the 90 kilo mark 
until one day I had a phone call from Anthony because I hadn’t been for a while got me to go into see him
and got me set up on a rehab program. 
Now three months down the track I have lost 10 kilos thanks to Emma your dietitian who gave me a better understanding of
what I could eat, my blood pressure now is 120/80 and my liver count is nearly back to normal and I no longer struggle to
get through the day with my back.  I now come to the gym 6 days a week and look forward to each workout I even now
can incorporate some of your classes into my program which i could never do.  Its so nice to have family and friends tell
you how well you look and comment on my weight loss,  I still have a bit to go but I have no doubt that I can do it with the
help and support of your trainers.
Many thanks
Leanne Gilmour

BTS Classes

(Body Training Solutions)

Caroline, I have to congratulate Integra and all of the instructors for implementing our new Body Training System. We are training with greater intensity and more interest than ever. I have had to decrease some of the weights I use in Power as it is much more demanding, we are doing exercises that we have never done before. I do appreciate the new release of Power with the quick changes which makes everyone think rather than just follow,  all of the stretching tracks have also improved rather than going through the motions that we used to do.
RTP is also much more challenging we are getting much less recovery time than we previously had and the music has improved. Although I am a beginner at Groove it was not meant to be easy there is lots of capacity for improvement.
We should have adopted BTS ages ago

Bevan Shields

After a bit of apprehension about changing over to the new classes, I’ve found they’ve become slightly addictive.
The music is ten times better and far more mot
ivational, which makes it much easier to get through the classes.
It’s always a good sign you’ve enjoyed your workout when you finish feeling better than you did when you started.

I’ve found Group Ride tougher and harder but much more rewarding than the other cycle class.
The new Group Power makes you feel like you’ve worked more of your body than you did in the old weights class.
And Group Salutations gives you a more intense hour of stretching than the other pilates and yoga class we have done.

Ellen Howard

I’ve been coming to Integra for over 5 years and have really enjoyed the classes, I was very nervous when they said they were changing the classes to a new company.  I LOVE the new programs – Power, RTP and Salutations. The variety in each class is not like we have had before and I can feel a huge difference in my fitness and flexibility. The music is fantastic and gets you motivated, I have lost 4kgs in the last few weeks and I put it down to my new workouts. Congratulations on the great change to BTS. 


WOW ……the classes are fantastic…….great workout, great fun and great music, good stuff!


I’ve only ever done the cycle class and I’m was hooked! When Integra announced they were changing the program I was devastated and threatened to go to another gym! I was convinced to give Ride a go and ………..oh my goodness it’s so much better, full of powerful music and the instructors are so motivating and inspirational! I’m going no where, this program for me! I’m now trying all the other classes and I’m loving them.


Outdoor training / Bootcamps

Integra is amazing, the outdoor equipment is challenging but fun. The trainer in Bootcamp really kept us moving while being aware of our personal needs.


6 weeks of fun is what I call the Integra bootcamps, the challengers were hard but achievable, I can’t believe how my fitness increased in just a few weeks. I’ll be signing up again!


I love the running track, I can drop my children in the babysitting room and I can go for a run outside without the worry of traffic and dogs!


Kidz Korner

Cathy and the other ladies in babystiing are amazing, the care and attention they give the children is so comforting to us the mums. We can exercise without a worry.


My children make me come to the gym most day! They love Kidz Korner and the fun they have. They start each day ….can we go to the gym today! Thanks Cathy, Janine, Lou.


The gym is the first time I have ever had my son looked after, I was very nervous but the ladies in babysitting were so welcoming and reassuring I immediately felt comfortable. We’ve been coming now for 6 months and I can’t recommend the babysitting enough.


Corporate Boot Camp Testimonials

  • The trainer makes it fun, it’s a great way to sweat it out and it’s fantastic having a go….Thanks  – Matt
  • A great Social activity, I feel so good after exercise and a huge increase my fitness, it was all good – Roger
  • Good team moral building program, great training and good company – Tim
  • I enjoyed all of the program, the trainer listen to our needs and gave us a variety of exercises – something different every week – Murray
  • I enjoyed the variety of exercises, activities and doing it as a group. It made me challenge myself. It was such a great program for a small group like ours.…. Thanks – James
  • I love the team and the environment, I enjoyed the sessions more and more as my fitness increased. Mark

General comments

  • I enjoyed the program because it was specialised to pregnancy and I didn’t feel out of place. It was great to be doing something different form swimming and walking. – Carol
  • I found Personal training  was designed specifically to target areas that need attention and focus during pregnancy. It was very beneficial. – Davina
  • Salutations was very relaxing but at the same time worked every muscle. The staff are very caring and conscious that we didn’t hurt ourselves but at the same time get the maximum from our workout. – Stacey E
  • I loved the personal training and the  way it was specialised. I enjoyed the fact that I knew what I should and shouldn’t be doing.  – Stacey S
  • It was great to use the balls for low impact work and stretches. The instructor was full of energy, vibrant and chatty. – Haidee


  • What I enjoyed most about the Pilates program was the personal attention, seeing the real progress. Each session offers an opportunity to climb another mountain – each step forward offers great personal satisfaction. I found that the sessions were extremely beneficial especially in the sense of personal space and body awareness. Dianna   age 60+
  • Wow…… I now know how to switch on all my core muscles properly and the increase of strength and support in my back is amazing.  The sessions have been so beneficial and now I know that I’m doing the exercises correctly. My body awareness has increased. It’s great to feel comfortable asking questions in such a small group. Leanne – age 30
  • I loved learning about my muscles and how the work to help my bad back and hip. It so nice to have such a small friendly group to exercise with. We have a great variety of exercises and challenges. My movement has improves remarkably, thanks. Miriam – age 60+
  • When I started the ‘Pilates Program’ I had a constant pain in my lower back and sciatic pain that ran the full length of my right leg. In just a few weeks of learning how to adjust my posture and how to turn on and off my core muscles the pain has GONE!  I can’t believe what a difference the small group training has made to me and my everyday life. Pain free. Jacinta – age 32
  • I have suffered lower back and hip problems for years. From the very first intensive Pilates session, identifying my postural problems the pain slowly decreased and now has gone. My pelvic and core strength is now what I call amazing. Exercises that I always found hard to do seem to be easy! Anytime I feel a niggle in my lower back I just remember to switch on my muscles. Kate – age 41
  • I’ve done Pilates for over 3 year and I have just discovered that I don’t know how to turn on my pelvic floor muscles! I always thought I did until I did the ‘Intensive Pilates Program’ now I know I didn’t. The program is fantastic and I learnt so much. Jane – age 58
  • I was such a mess…. such tight hamstrings that pulled my pelvis out of place and gave me very poor posture. I have now lengthened and strengthen my legs, core. pelvic floor and backside muscles I look like a different person. I’m sure I’m taller! Amy – age 44
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